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  • Profile Picture of cece0810
    65 years old
    Redondo Beach, CA
    Woman seeking Men
    "Looking for a partner, could that be you?"

    I believe in always looking your best! Or at least thats how I feel about myself. Affectionate, thoughtful, compassionate, loyal, and most of all honest, are my objectives in this life.

  • Profile Picture of darksprings_7
    58 years old
    Hesperia, CA
    Man seeking Women
    "One intense being that's ready to love again"

    I'm a romantic,creative,intense,intelligent

  • No Profile Picture
    47 years old
    Stockton, CA
    Woman seeking Men
    "Looking for soul mate"

    I 'm a woman that knows what I want and how to get it. I'm very intelligent and can hold a decent conversation.

  • No Profile Picture
    47 years old
    New York, NY
    Woman seeking Men
    "Just that one special man to complete my life "

    I love life and enjoy every day. I try to find something positive in any difficult situation and always stay optimistic. Even if it is raining outside I am smiling because I know that after rain the rainbow and sun will appear. I like a good company.

  • No Profile Picture
    68 years old
    Tacoma, WA
    Man seeking Women
    "A Good Man Is Easy To Find: Just Look Below"

    I am friendly, authentic, opinionated, interesting, smart, and I appreciate interesting, positive and fun-loving people. I try my best to always live healthy and enjoy being outside as often as possible. I'm not a fitness nut by any means, but I am v

  • Profile Picture of kylepix
    68 years old
    Atlantic Beach, FL
    Man seeking Women
    "Energetic fit do-er looking for same."

    Physical fitness is important to me. Trying to ad life to my years perhaps the other as well. Can do positive attitude nearly all the time. Somewhat sarcastic sense of humor but I like and respect others. Sustainable lifestyle is where I am headed Do

  • Profile Picture of stv_4u
    53 years old
    Sanford, NC
    Man seeking Women
    "They say love is blind is that true???"

    This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. OK, I do like to do lots of men things. I enjoy watching movies and I buy anywhere from 2-5 DVD's every week. Love the scary ones the most. I'm into a lot of music too and have a pretty wide range of b

  • Profile Picture of serenity2012
    57 years old
    New Albin, IA
    Man seeking Women
    "Lets smile together :) "

    I wear my heart on my sleeves and help many people and spend post of my time in the woods or on the water I like to create build and design many things with wood or what ever I can find , intrducing young people to the outdoors is one of my goals ,

  • No Profile Picture
    72 years old
    Bradenton, FL
    Woman seeking Men
    "Born again lady seeks born again christian man for"

    born again christian widowed person because that is what I am

  • Profile Picture of lovedoctor53
    72 years old
    Auburn, CA
    Man seeking Women
    "i would get on my knees and give you all of me"

    just a few details about me, i am Easy going, insightful, artistic, at times impulsive, but like my ducks in a row.Honest,thoughtful, and live life to the fullest ,have a great sense of humor,transparent and more like an open book. i live with my son