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  • art_funk
    48 years old
    St Cloud, MN
    Man seeking Women
    "hey i like your box."

    i get clostrophobic in text boxes. does latin pre date the closet in history? oh i see, the closet has it's roots in latin. i wonder if the latin root for closet, meant small box, trunks actually pre date the closet as we know it....speaking of

  • c_hank_run
    44 years old
    Charlotte, NC
    Woman seeking Men
    "All for love"

    I'm looking for a guy who is okay with not having a girly girl. I work for the local government, and most of my coworkers are men and treat me like one of guys. My brother mostly raised me so I have a tendancy to think like a guy.

  • classy1
    55 years old
    Phoenix, AZ
    Woman seeking Men
    "soulmate seeker"

    Definitley attractive,simple & old fashioned type of girl.Very much a realistic optimist.Tend to prefur forgien men over american men.Really whatever there is here for me will come when its time

  • lubbinlife52
    67 years old
    High Point, NC
    Woman seeking Men
    "Wanna explore this beautiful earth together???"

    I am a very private sort of person until you get to know me!!!! Then I open up and become your best friend......Please only honest and trustworthy

  • nursekitty
    54 years old
    Boyd, TX
    Woman seeking Men
    "All I want is someone honest and sincerel to spend"

    I am a 42 year old woman with 4 children two are grown. I do have two still at home in High school. My kids are wonderful not troubled kids. Football, Band, Honor Students. I have two dogs. I am a Hospice nurse, have been a nurse for the past 8 years

  • mtrplsgirl
    51 years old
    Metropolis, IL
    Woman seeking Men
    "Are you the nice guy everyone keeps telling me is "

    I consider myself an outgoing, fun loving person who is tired of concentrating on my career, and wants to settle down with the "right guy". I love quiet evenings at home, or hanging out with friends. I'm just looking for a nice guy who wants to mee

  • ladimyst13
    63 years old
    Radcliff, KY
    Woman seeking Men
    "Novelist in search of her own leading male charact"

    I am pretty free spirited, very open minded, free thinking. Love animals, especially cats. I seem to attract strays from all walks of life, but thats okay...I love 'em! I am a writer getting tired of writing love scenes for my heroines--I'd like to

  • conjaja08
    68 years old
    Washington, DC
    Woman seeking Men
    "Cerebral Woman seeking Fun Loving Man"

    I am a fun loving, easy going person who loves life. I like doing a variety of different things and hope to find someone who shares the same passion for life. Not into games, drama or drugs.

  • lagatanegra
    40 years old
    Waupaca, WI
    Woman seeking Men
    "Hurry up Prince Charming, Im getting old!!!! "

    I am looking for someone to love, someone to be my best friend, someone to start a relationship with,who I can possibly grow old with, who is as committed to the relationship as I am. I have not been married yet so I would like to meet someone who co

  • nicenkindnsmart
    74 years old
    Riverside, CA
    Woman seeking Men
    "I love and appreciate each day and look for the go"

    If you can look beyond a first impression of outward looks (way too obese, limp from osteoarthritis, no breasts from dual mastectomies, way short hair, and once in a while sores on my skin) and don't mind my slow walking with a walker, you'll find th